Radiology product training platform​

Helping a global leader in injector devices manufacturing by creating a one-stop platform for radiology technologists to access device training content for many products when needed and on various devices.   

Business problem

A global leader in CT/MR injector devices wanted to provide easily accessible device training content to Radiology Technologists


  • Traditional training material like operating manuals not easily accessible and not effective
  • Complex device operation procedures difficult to visualize in text-based formats
  • Challenging to distribute, control, and manage content for various products and markets


  • Centralized CMS to manage and deploy content for various products and markets
  • Multi-OS app for easy downloading and viewing of relevant content
  • Scalable app architecture for adding new products and training topics
  • Supports various types of content (text, docs, animations, videos)
  • Intuitive UX and UI for easier learning experience

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Value delivered

  • Centralized management and deployment of product training

  • Easy, on-demand access to training content

  • Scalable solution to support various products and markets


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