Build knowledge and  awareness campaign

The medical device company had a number of innovative products which were aligned with the latest guidelines and recommendations from global bodies. To increase the adoption of these devices for better patient care, it was necessary to educate and update the HCPs. Hospitals, due to an increased patient load have limited bandwidth to create engaging educational collaterals. Here is where the company wished to enable the hospitals with medically authentic decks which could result in increased adoption of their devices.

Lack of training led to slower adoption of innovative technologies & international standards that address hospital-acquired infections.

Lack of funding from hospitals towards such training programs.



Developed visually inspiring training content,  interactive quizzes for learner engagement.


Build knowledge and  awareness campaign


  • Increased awareness
    about international infection control measures
  • Better engagement
    with the learner
  • Improved adoption
    of devices for better patient care

Ethosh’s scope of work

  • Reviewing latest guidelines
  • Extracting key practical elements
  • Designing visually appealing decks
  • Creation of engagement tool and ability to measure impact


Ethosh blends the real and the virtual to communicate challenging concepts. From life sciences to the products of modern manufacturing. From strategy to execution. We use the latest digital tools and platforms to help you communicate efficiently and effectively: to market, to instruct and to inform. 

Ethosh works with global life sciences and manufacturing companies and has its offices in North America, Europe and India.

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Digital Transformation
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Download Ebook !
Learning 4.0-2