Intuitive and human-centered user experience leading to increased adoption of a specialized medical device​

  • Helped a global health-tech company increase the adoption of a new medical device for a niche audience with motor disabilities.

Business problem

  • A Health-tech company had developed a Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) in the form of a specialized keyboard to monitor fine motor movements in patients with movement disorders 
  • Onboarding older patients with these conditions to use the application presented a significant challenge
  • Designing a user-friendly UI/UX for the keyboard was the key need to ease adoption



  • Ethosh conducted extensive secondary research and testing with a defined group of individuals to understand the problems faced by the older generation with the specified health problems
  • Then designed a simplified and intuitive interface and designed a user experience (UX) rooted in the principles of human-centered design for the keyboard, its download and training process, making it accessible and easy to use for older patients with these conditions

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Value delivered

    • The solution resulted in increased patient engagement and utilization of the application, which, in turn, provided real-time data to doctors for better-informed checkups


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