Product evaluation process management platform for a global labtech company ​

Transformed the process of data collection from the product evaluation process during sales to enable data analysis and report processing.

Business problem

A leading, global LabTech company wanted to transform the process of data collection from the product evaluation process during sales, enable data analysis and report processing to make it faster and available for the sales team. The outcomes expected were:

  • Centralizing data collection from various product evaluation projects, streamlining data management and accessibility for efficient decision-making 

  • Achieving faster evaluation project closure in data collection efforts

  • Minimizing the workload of data analysts by automating the creation of analytical graphs 

  • To enable the company to close more projects efficiently and accelerate the movement of the leads through the sales funnel to drive business growth


  • Developed a progressive web app, that was accessible via desktop, laptop and iPad to incorporate the automation of the evaluation project processes
  • Designed a cloud-based architecture to ensure global access and scalability
  • Designed intuitive UX and UI to facilitate the ease of data capture from the audience i.e. lab technicians and research scientists
  • Developed a centralized console for administration, data analysis and reporting

Value delivered

  • An application that seamlessly integrates with the customer's existing ecosystem, ensuring data collection and robust controls that maintain integrity throughout
  • Accurate, single source of truth and its analytics and visualizations were available at all times unlike with the earlier manual system allowing the company to accelerate evaluation project completion, increase product sales, and win more projects by transitioning to this web app


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