Product simulation platform for R&D and usability studies​

Helped a leading, global lab equipment manufacturing company to accelerate their R&D process, reduce go-to-market time and enhance user experience.

Business problem

A global leader in CT/MR injector devices wanted to accelerate their R&D process to reduce go-to-market time.

  • Longer fabrication time for physical prototypes leading to fewer design cycles
  • Longer user testing times leading to insufficient studies and cost overruns
  • Lack of high-quality usability data resulting in missed opportunities for product improvement


  • VR product testing platform that allows users to interact with 3D product prototypes

  • ​Modular architecture allows testing of multiple prototypes and workflow scenarios

  • ​Intuitive UX and UI to engage users and simulate real-world usage patterns​

  • Integrated data capture of in-experience user behavior and responses


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Value delivered

  • Faster R&D through rapid prototyping and testing

  • ​Configurable and scalable solution for use across other product lines

  • ​Valuable user behavior data captured that enabled product improvements


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