Lab ReloQuest: The journey of efficient lab relocation

Overview of the game

The objective of this game is to create awareness among potential customers about the company's lab relocation services. Taking inspiration from the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, this game offers an easy and engaging experience. It features 3 to 4 mini-games, including quizzes, Wordly (guessing the correct word), and matching the correct pairs. The players' main goal is to reach their destination while minimizing costs and maximizing the number of days left, demonstrating that the company can relocate labs efficiently, cost-effectively, and without hassle. Developed specifically as an offline game for Windows, it ensures accessibility and convenience for users.


About the game

  • Game development platform: Unreal Engine
  • Game genre: Scientific and Educational
  • Platform: Windows (Offline)
  • Type of game: 3D


Features of the game

  • Wheel of Fortune inspired gameplay
  • Offline: Single player game
  • Easy to play
  • 3 Mini Games Quizzes, Wordly and Box It (Match the following)





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