Virtual lab platform to showcase workflow solutions​

Helping a global leader in lab equipment manufacturing by creating a one-stop configurable and scalable platform for them to showcase their offerings and value propositions. 

Business problem

A global leader in lab equipment wanted to showcase their offerings for NGS workflows and their products’ value propositions,


  • Diverse products promoted separately resulting in inadequate customer awareness about total workflow solutions
  • Lack of targeted communication for different customer personas
    Insufficient leads generated through individual product promotions


  • Virtual lab to simulate workflow steps and showcase relevant products

  • Configurable to add workflow steps, products, and customer personas

  • Standardized product information architecture to showcase value props, technical specs, and relevant resources 

  • Ability to embed various content formats and configure content access

  • Intuitive UX/UI to engage various personas with relevant workflow views

  • Data architecture designed to enable periodic content updates

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Value delivered

  • Coverage of full product portfolio in the lab workflow context

  • Increased lead generation through configurable content access

  • Scalable and customizable for various workflows, personas, and products

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