Cloud-based platform for customized patient risk assessment and real-time support

  • Helped a global radiology company to easily identify patient risk of extravasation, deal with complications and reduce the risk of extravasation with on-demand support with a single platform.

Business problem

A global Radiology enterprise which manufactures Scan Injector devices wanted to ensure that there were minimal complications related to extravasation of the contrast media during the injection process.


  • It was essential to help the technologists identify patients at a higher risk of extravasation 
  • An algorithm based on the clinical characteristics of the patients could facilitate this, so that measures could be taken to prevent complications in these patients


  • Ethosh developed an iOS app platform for algorithmic decision support designed to assess patients for their risk of extravasation during medical procedures
  • The app provides real-time, on-field guidance to technicians, ensuring intuitive and accurately customized support for each patient
  • In case of an unfortunate event or complication, the app can provide information about the diligence already done to prevent the same
  • Cloud-based architecture ensured the centralized collection of all data for research and actions as required by regulatory authorities
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Value delivered

    • Its intuitive user experience (UX), makes it a user-friendly, digital support system for technicians that easily fits into their workflows and helps in risk assessment for each patient, reducing greatly the chances of extravasation
    • The app ensures that historical patient data remains perpetually accessible, promoting compliance and facilitating continuous learning
    • It offers flexibility through the ability to configure the platform to suit various use cases. The platform is customizable to add parameters and use them for other clinical scenarios


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