Virtual product demo platform​ for sales enablement

Helping a global leader lab equipment to equip their sales team to do effective product demos by developing and scalable interactive platform that simplified product demos, reduced risk, and also reduced cost.

Business problem

  • A global leader in lab equipment wanted to enable their Sales team to do effective product demos for customers
  • Carrying physical products to customer sites not feasible
  • Difficult to physically demonstrate key technology innovations
  • Difficult to present consolidated product overview as information distributed across various channels and content formatsInadequate demonstration of product relevance to workflows



  • Virtual 3D demo platform allows interactive 360° product views

  • Supports embedding various content formats (text, docs, animations, videos)

  • 3D visualization enables internal technology demonstration

  • Intuitive UX/UI that simulates physical product experience

  • Omni-channel platform adaptable for online and offline use

  • Data architecture designed to enable easy content updates

  • Scalable platform to expand demo coverage to include topics like workflow applications, FAQs, etc.

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Value delivered

  • Low-cost replacement for physical product demos

  • Consistent and repeatable product experience

  • Better customer understanding of the product

  • Increased customer engagement through interactive demos


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