Video based content marketing

  • Client: Electric power supply manufacturer
  • Revenue: $110m
  • HQ: USA
  • Target Audience: Majority of the target audience who would either decide or buy a power supply is from engineering and R&D departments of OEMs. They are responsible to integrate a power supply in their products, which means an evaluation of a power supply becomes a tedious task.


    Since their product’s reliability and performance is dependent upon the power supply, the TA’s main selection criteria revolves around technical capabilities and performance of a power supply.


Communicating highly technical performance-based value proposition in a simple yet effective way in order to attract and engage the target audience.


Campaign Goal

To build awareness amongst the technical TA  about the client’s high-end, programmable power supplies using video-based content marketing.





  • 3X times the lead  generation

    using video-based content  marketing campaigns  compared to text-based  campaigns

  • Channel business  grew 20%

    in the first 6 months  post the campaign  launch

  • Delivered total of 15 videos
    in the span of 6 months

Ethosh’s scope of work

  • Study technical value proposition of each power supply

  • Design and create a campaign theme,  messaging hierarchy, value  statements

  • Design and develop high-quality,  techno-creative videos from script to  screen

Ethosh blends the real and the virtual to communicate challenging concepts. From life sciences to the products of modern manufacturing. From strategy to execution. We use the latest digital tools and platforms to help you communicate efficiently and effectively: to market, to instruct and to inform. 

Ethosh works with global life sciences and manufacturing companies and has its offices in North America, Europe and India.

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