Increasing gynecological safety through a product-based VR education

It takes a lot of training and experience to perform complex operations like a cystoscopy. Accidental injuries may be caused to the uterus if the practitioner does not have the necessary training and knowledge. A medical device company wanted to raise awareness about cystoscopy among gynecologists and introduce an innovative product that will prevent further accidental injuries while surgery.  The marketing team of the medical device company intended to educate practitioners about their product's benefits during surgery in order to increase its acceptance among surgeons. 

Due to inadequate training and education, practitioners today lack confidence in performing complex surgeries. This uncertainty has led to low adoption of the company's latest product, causing a drop in sales. Surgeons require access to a platform where they can learn how to use complex equipment and practice doing surgeries on virtual patients before attempting them in real life.   



To enhance engagement and inquisitiveness among gynecologists, we developed a VR-based learning experience to allow them to virtually perform the procedure in real-time, thus, building confidence in the product and themselves. This allows practitioners to perform the surgical procedure virtually before using the device in their actual practice.


Improving gynecological safety through a product based virtual reality education


  • Increased Awareness 
    among Gynecologists about performing complex surgeries.
  • Helping Gynecologists gain knowledge
    about the products' positive impact on safety hence resulting in widespread adoption of the product.
  • VR based training experiences
    have opened doors for safer surgical procedures such as Laparoscopy.

Ethosh’s scope of work

  • Content and script development
  • 3D VR design
  • User experience improvements and instructional design 

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