Improved knowledge and skills through VR simulated maintenance training

Transformed complex practical training with an interactive and simulated VR experience to encourage skill development in a defense establishment.


A naval academy was facing a challenge in terms of effectual resources for providing practical, simulated training to its engineering cadets on performing maintenance tasks, while on board a naval ship.



After expansively studying cadet’s personas, skills and knowledge along with the practical possibilities of creating real life environment, Ethosh proposed a VR based training for the technical cadets and also designed an intuitive and interactive game-like interface to ensure engagement during learning.


This greatly helped the cadets in understanding and retaining information that was shared during their training sessions.




  • Improved ability
    to practice repeatedly with ease
  • No additional cost
    and dependency for practicing
  • Freedom to experiment and fail
    run scenarios that are too dangerous or expensive in real environment
  • Gamification introduced
    a fun element and cadet engagement in the learning, enhancing information retention rates.

Ethosh’s scope of work

  • Studying the various cadet personas
  • Studying the practicalities of creating real-life training environments
  • Developing VR based training
  • Designing intuitive and interactive interface

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