Enabling customers and creating awareness

The client’s website provided links to research publications that referenced their products and solutions. However, the client was concerned that the publications were difficult to navigate and search because of the size of the list and lack of organization. They worried that this did not provide a user-friendly experience for their website visitors.

An extensive, unsorted list of over 5000 scientific papers is overwhelming. Users became frustrated at the lack of assistance available and the time it took to find the desired relevant publications.



Our team of subject matter experts, UX/UI designers, and technologists designed and developed search features for the database. An intuitive and easy-to-use online portal and iPad app provide easy navigation and the ability to apply search filters, allowing users to quickly find the desired information.


Enabling customers and creating awareness


  • Easy access
    to relevant publications through an intuitive interface that features helpful search filters
  • Increased awareness 
    of the existing applications of the client’s products and solutions for molecular diagnostics research

Ethosh’s scope of work

  • Content categorization and sorting
  • Web portal development
  • iPad app development

Ethosh blends the real and the virtual to communicate challenging concepts. From life sciences to the products of modern manufacturing. From strategy to execution. We use the latest digital tools and platforms to help you communicate efficiently and effectively: to market, to instruct and to inform. 

Ethosh works with global life sciences and manufacturing companies and has its offices in North America, Europe and India.

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6. Fostering Digital Transformation
Fostering Digital Transformation
Download Ebook !
Download Ebook !
6. Fostering Digital Transformation