Cloud-based, gamified OTT platform​

  • Helped a global pharmaceutical manufacturer introduce a learning program to educate doctors about a new molecule, its usage and guidelines to treat severe infections.

Business problem

A pharmaceutical industry leader aimed to introduce a groundbreaking pharmaceutical learning program focused on educating doctors about a new, innovative molecule for treating severe infections.

  • The goal was to educate doctors on the molecule's usage and suitable patient profiles
  • The company aimed to transition from traditional methods, such as conferences and medical representatives (MRs) detailings, to a digital platform to effectively reach a broader audience



  • Designed a cloud-based gamified learning platform based on the OTT platform concepts
  • Developed the OTT interactive platform with meaningful and relatable content, for hosting a gamified learning experience based on stories and interactive questions that facilitate learning
  • Incorporated elements of gamification including a leaderboard, that was designed to provide doctors with an engaging learning experience, akin to their daily patient rounds
  • Simulated day-to-day patient rounds and hospital interactions with case information, including lab parameters, to enhance the realism of the learning experience helping them to understand it better
  • User activity tracking at a granular level to determine and drive engagement and learning
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Value delivered

    • Reached thousands of doctors, a significant increase compared to physical interactions
    • Ensured effective communication and measured understanding of critical information among doctors
    • Tracked engagements, duration, and maintained analytics for comprehensive insight


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