VirtaMed streamlines its lead nurturing with HubSpot

VirtaMed develops and produces some of the most realistic surgical simulators in the marketplace. These are high-end products, so it is vital that company can identify high-fit leads and nurture them in a personalised and effective way. However, it was using a collection of marketing and sales tools that didn’t work well together. It wanted an all-in-one platform that would allow it to centralise and leverage its lead intelligence. The HubSpot Growth Stack had everything VirtaMed needed. Since signing up, VirtaMed has used HubSpot to better target an personalize its email outreach and has subsequently greatly increased its email interaction rates. VirtaMed has also used HubSpot as a valuable tool to help its marketing and sales teams work much more closely together.

VitraMed was using multiple tools for both lead intelligence and email management, none of which were synced to their CRM. That made personalizing campaigns difficult, and they had to use Excel sheets to alert their salespeople to hot prospects.

The company needed an all-in-one platform that would allow it to join up its activities. It evaluated several, including Marketo, but it was the most impressed by The HubSpot Growth Stack. The combination of the HubSpot Marketing, CRM and Sales software was exactly what they were looking for. With HubSpot Marketing Hub, they would be able to get to know their leads on a deeper level and use those insights to nurture them in a more targeted way.

VirtaMed Streamlines Its Lead Nurturing with HubSpot


  • 39% Increase in Traffic
  • 18% Increase in Organic Traffic

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